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Cure Your Problems With Herbal Medicine

Since time immemorial, plants have been used as a source of medicine for people all across the world. As people found out the propensities of plants, they started using the oils, juices and extracts from the leaves, shoots, shoots and fruits of different plants to help cure diseases and different health conditions.

With research and trial and error, herbal therapy, or physiotherapy was developed to treat wounds, to target specific infections and even for its revitalizing effects. Herbal medicine is used both orally and externally, depending on the herb being used for the specific problem. In fact, the well of knowledge of herbal medicine is so deep that very frequently; modern science too turns to traditional herbal medicine recipes to discover miraculous herbal propensities.

The ancient cultures not only learnt how to use the different healing properties of the different plants, they also learn the secrets of keeping these herbs fresh and effective throughout the year by protecting them from humidity, sunset and high temperatures. One of the herbs that has been used extensively since a long time is the herb St. John’s Wort.

This is a herb that is known for its healing properties and has rich sources of choline, pseudohypericin and pectin both in the flower and leaves. These components are effective as analgesics, antiseptics and also for digestive purposes. In fact, this herb is also famous for its anti-depressant qualities and is also effective in combating aids.

Then there are other herbs like Chamomile flower that is used extensively as an aromatizer, as an additive in tea to enhance the flavor and benefits of tea and is also very effective in healing wounds. If used in measured quantities, it has also been found that the Chamomile flower is quite useful for those suffering from disturbed sleep.

Yet another herb in herbal medicine is Feverfew. This is a herb having leaves rich in parthenolide which helps in providing soothing effects with its continuous use for headaches, toothaches, joint pains and other conditions. Aloe vera is also a herb that is found mostly in Africa and Asia, and is very much useful in curing numerous health conditions.

The juice of aloe vera can be used as a digestive tonic, to condition your hair, to treat cuts and wounds, in the treatment of cancer and in many other health cases and conditions. Though herbal medicine is so effective in treating and curing health conditions, it is not advised to take it on a prolonged basis, without consulting your doctor. This is more so if you take medication to cure any disease like diabetes and hypertension.

This is because sometimes herbal medicine can clash with the drugs you take on a regular basis and either increase the effects of the drugs you take or reduce its effects. This may lead to weakness, fatigue and in case of diabetics and pressure patients, a drastic drop in pressure and sugar levels. This will prove to be rather fatal in some situations.

So if you do intend to use herbal medicine for a prolonged period, it is better to discuss this aspect with your doctor, to ensure that no complications arise while taking herbal medicine.

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