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Disease at this time in our history is as rampant as ever. Despite the best available drugs and medications. As we progress as a society and as a civilisation, disease continues to manifest in many different ways. Here you will discover symptoms, treatment options, and support for the common and rare physical illnesses that afflict us all.

A disease or medical condition is an abnormality of the body or mind that causes discomfort, dysfunction, distress, or death to the person afflicted or those in contact with the person. Sometimes the term is used broadly to include injuries, disabilities, disorders, syndromes, infections, symptoms, deviant behaviors, and atypical variations of structure and function, while in other contexts these may be considered distinguishable categories.

Disease can be thought of as the presence of pathology, which can occur with or without subjective feelings of being unwell or social recognition of that state; Illness as the subjective state of "unwellness", which can occur independently of, or in conjunction with disease or sickness; and sickness as the social classification of someone deemed diseased, which can also occur independently of the presence or absence of disease or illness.

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